All the Ports, Marinas, and Nautical Clubs require installation tasks, maintenance and improvement of their facilities located under the water, to offer their customers the best possible service throughout the year for the boats that are moored.

Q-Star Servicios Costeros Integrados S.L we are a company that after many years of experience, we have created a team of efficient, professional and above all, imaginative workers, capable of facing any challenge in subaquatic work. A dynamic and adaptable work team with great experience of subaquatic and hyperbaric works.

Safety and professional ethics are our priorities, thanks to the continuous improvements to our Occupational Risk Prevention policy we can achieve our goal of 0 work incidents.

We offer innovative ideas, presenting projects and solutions tailored to the needs of each company.

The activities we offer are:

- Air / nitrox / héliox busseig operations from 0 to -75m with surface supply systems.

- Water and environmental management works (water contaminated by microorganisms, chemical products, etc ...) We perform works in confined or submerged spaces, sewage treatment plants for sewage WWTP, wells, delivery chambers, reactors biological and secondary containers. We have also worked with hydroelectric plants, nuclear power plants, reverse osmosis desalination plants, lakes and reservoirs, water collection systems and the placement of pollution barriers.

- Inspections, non-destructive tests made based on CSWIP / * UKAS, LLOYD S and ASME criteria. Visual inspections GVI / * CVI and photography / CCTV video. Likewise, control CPR cathodic power protection against corrosion to submerged structures and ship hulls. Ultrasonic density measurements UT to metal structures: sheet piles, jakets, ship hulls, etc ... Welding control by MPI magnetic particle tests, EMD / EMT electromagnetic detection techniques, measurement of FMD stream fields, underwater radiography and inspections with the use of ROV.

- Hydraulic work and maritime work for maintenance and repair of port facilities, dredging, formworking and formwork, spill to breakwater, fonejar structures, reflotament, cleaning, cutting and welding underwater, destruction works (emissaries / immiseris) submerged.

- Technical consultancy and training for Plans d Inspection, repair and maintenance IRM of the Oil & Gas industry, specific training busseig commercial / industrail, Salvamet Plans and recovery operations, etc ...

- Rescue and refloating of structures submerged or at risk of sinking as well as recovery of all kinds of submerged devices, contamination control by spills, etc ...

- Monitoring of the Litoral Band Habitats of optimal manufacturing and own patent for the sustainable beaconing with the generation of scientific-technical reports of their behavior over time with photographic report, etc ...