Toilet module

The modules of Q-Star Coastal Services Integrated SL, so they can be for urban beaches as for virgin beaches.

In the first case, they are directed to the Salvage and Lifeguard service in season. That is, to respond to the lifeguards for their rest during the hours of service, as an exclusively sanitary space, that is to say to make the cures of the users of the beach in case of needing it.

The modules of virgin beaches are exclusively to facilitate users with basic needs. They are mainly made of wood and modern design.


The closures dream a services that Q-Star Coastal Services Integrated SL offers recently to improve the image in the areas where the urban services dream essential to keep the beach clean and tidy. We elaborate them with wood to offer a more integrated image to affect the beaches. The finishes dream of high quality and guarantees durability even in hostile environments.