Advanced Surveillance Tower (TAV by its initials in Spanish)

The Advanced Surveillance Tower (TAV) is the first of the products that was manufactured where the acceptance by the users and ultimately by the lifeguards is being a success.

Also modular is dismantled in different units for easy storage outside the season if necessary.

It is also manufactured with a stainless steel structure for beaches where service is present all year round and the effects of sea salinity are minimized.

The TAV can be configured with stairs or ramps according to the need of the beach.

Also available different accessories for communication verso users such as state of the sea situations, timely information to highlight, etc ... making os AirVoice technology.

The TAV are completely autonomous rooms since they can be powered by the use of solar panels that facilitates the power supply of the public address and emergency communication devices 112 using AirSOS technology.